How to buy a used phone from Cell phone repair store in silver Spring

We have published a guide on how to buy a used phone phone for customers of our Cell phone repair store in Westfield Wheaton mall located in Silver Spring, MD. If you’re not careful, you can lose your hard earned money. It doesn’t matter how nice the person you are buying the phone from appears to be, the simple truth is that you don’t know them, and once you give them your money and they walk away, you will never see them, or your money, again. We can tell you from experience because Customers come into our store every day looking for help after realizing that someone sold them a stolen phone. The sad part is that we can’t help them. Because, once a phone is reported stolen, there are very few cheap and legal options to get it working. So, to avoid being another sob story, we have written this article on the steps to buying a used cell phone.

Steps to buying a used cellphone on craigslist and other places:

1) Do not buy the phone if it doesn’t turn on.

That is do not trust the person telling it, “It works. I was using and the battery died” or “I haven’t used it because got another one. All you have to do is charge it up.”

2) Make sure the phone is reset and totally set -up.

As simply as it sounds, many buyers don’t take the time to do that. They are so excited to get the phone, they take the sellers word. But, that may the only time you buy a used phone, whereas they might sell phones everyday to innocent people like you.

3) Make sure the phone deosn’t have an Icloud lock.

Simply put,
“If you buy an iCloud locked iPhone or iPad off eBay, you are in possession of a stolen good…”. That means that the phone is disabled for security reasons and you won’t be able to use it.

4) Make sure iPHONES do not have an Apple ID.

This is the most common problem when buying used Iphones from or Even if the phone turns on it won’t let you set up without removing the Apple ID of the previous owner of the phone.
An Apple ID is a user name you use for everything you do with Apple. Creating an account for an Apple service, such as the iTunes Store or the App Store, creates an Apple ID. Apple ID allows you to access other Apple services. You don’t have to create a new account for each service—just use your Apple ID.Dec 22, 2014

5) Make sure you set up your own apple ID for the Phone.

This is the best way to become the legal owner of the phone. Once you place your AppleID on the phone, no one else can access it. That’s why many sellers will sell you their phones without turning it on and setting it up. And, even if they do, they may report the phone as stolen, after you have it and collect the insurance money.

6) Do not buy the phone if none of the steps are met. If you do, Always mobile cell phone repair in WheatonMD will have another sad customer who we will have to help get another phone.

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