Flashing services
Used for phones that use to operate on CDMA Networks
Price Delivery Time
Sprint Iphone’s flashing service to work with Boost Mobile…Phones are flashed (flashing means the phone is Programmed ) to work with BoostMobile at 3G speed  setting. The price is only for the flashing and doesn’t include the Boost Mobile plans are additional price..use this for Sprint Iphones that are blocked for non-payment, still under contract, or blacklisted. Phones will work in USA and ONLY ON BOOST MOBILE NETWORK. $60 3 hours
Sprint, Boost, Virgin, US Cellular
 Sprint Samsung Phones
Sprint Samsung’s phones can be programmed to work with Verizon, T-Mobile and ATT and prepaid carriers ( H20, Simple Mobile, Net10,Ultra Mobile and others). Android version must be less than or equal to (5.0 05 5.1.1.) check the version in the **settings***, then look in the “about” section, then look for phone info-it will say android Version  and the number……-If a phone is programmed to ATT/T-MOBILE then it is also unlocked.
Other phones on Sprint, Boost, Virgin, US Cellular networks
LG phones, HTC phones, Moto E phones (2nd Gen)  $60  3 hours
Lg , HTC and Moto E 2nd phones can be flashed to work with Boost Mobile or Prepaid carriers that we supply.